Monday, February 2, 2015

bitter tragedy in february

Hey guys!

I want to say that i was really waiting February to come
 because, my birthday is this month.

But now, i really want to rewind time and not courting catastrophe like i did

So, at Sunday, 1st February,
I did an outdoor photoshoot at the graffiti wall behind a public swimming pool in my city

just seeing this place already made me shivers
The place was so quiet and i had strange feelings...that something bad would happen..
But i tried to ignore what my heart says and keeps the photoshoot goes on

I lost my phone.
It was stolen by two scumbags.

Eventho my phone is just iPhone 4s that its backside already cracked so bad,
and the lock button, home button, and + volume button already in a not-so-good-condition..
I really love my phone.
I regret not keeping it properly.

What happened was :

the last moment i touched my phone... :(
I used my phone to google "how to depth of field with kit lens"
(yes it sounds so silly but i really did googled it)
And then i put my phone on my motorcycle seat ...
I didn't even think that someone would steal it because there's noone in that place...

But then someone passed the street and make a left turn to the houses,
I thought they were living there
But...then they went outside from that alley (or we call it as 'gang')
and started to make a 'confused' look.

And then they asked us "Miss, what's the place of this area?"

In my thought, it would be impossible to local peepz to not know that place, 
because that place is so famous here.

At that moment, i already suspect they would do something bad to me.
But at that moment i think i can't think well because i can't seem to remember anything..
and then, they became nearer and nearer to my motorcycle 

(i was standing not too far from my motorcycle)

and when i realized i left my phone there, i was already too late,
they took it and already gone when i turn my back


I didn't even remember their face, their motorcycle details, their plate numbers...
Everytime i remember how they took my phone, it really breaks my heart..

what did i do wrong to them?

did i do something cruel to them?

we don't even know each other..

why did they did that to me?

And, what matters is not my phone, but my parents feeling because they are the one that buying that shit for me
they worked for it;
and my allowance was reduced for it.

whoa whoa whoa.

maybe you guys can learn something from my bitter experience :

1.DO NOT EVER do a photoshoot in quiet area with only 1 girl friend (at least bring 1 guy)
2.DONT put your phone/belongings carelessly(!!!!)
3.If someone approached you in quiet area, try to escape ASAP
4.bring pepper may come in handy
5.Try to memorize plates number...


What a bitter starts for my birthday month.

And guess what, i only get 7 photos from this photoshoot.

7 photos 
1 iPhone lost
1 heart is broken (yea)

I hope you guys be more aware of thieves from now on:(
Don't do the same mistakes i did.

I already reported this to police station nearby
I really hope my phone can be returned back to me:(


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your phone, it's understandable for you to be so upset about it :(
    They have no right to just take your things! I am so angry for you! I hope that they are caught by police


  2. gee, those scumbags! that is so rude. I know how annoying it must be for you. I hope the police will find those scumbags and your phone soon

  3. cute top :D

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  5. omg i feel so bad about you losing your phone. i always with my phone all the time.
    i left it once at empty class room and i go out for like 10 minutes. i was forget that i was charging it and leave it right there. when i first realize i left my phone OMG i felt like i got a heart attack.
    i was sprint to my class room and THANK GOD it still there T.T
    i wish police will get your phone and give it back to you. stupid scumbags! geez

    kisses, Diras fashion blogger on

  6. Love it!
    You're blog is so perf, girl - I'm in love!

  7. so sorry to hear about your phone :(
    btw you look so adorable with this outfit :D

    cheer, michelle ~