Saturday, February 28, 2015

i don't wanna go to school, i just wanna break the rules

Fyi, I hate going to school
It's not that i hate to study (well, maybe)

I'm not the type of those noble and smart student, 
I picked Social class because I always sleep in school and never study at all 
(I'm not interested in studying..If i can...I don't want come to school)
(But I love to explore science on the internet, but not from those teacher..)

I always skip classes, especially Math classes and Geography class (lol)
If I don't skip classes, I'd sleep in class......until i got fed up with it.
(and my homeroom teacher already threatened me if i do any mess anymore she'd call my parents)

I also had traumatic experience with teachers in middle school,
So all i can say is....
I don't want to think about middle school and don't want to meet those teacher anymore.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

meilleurs voeux pour moi

So, 19 February was my birthday..
I can't tell it as a good birthday..

But i expect nothing, so yeah..

So, The next day after my birthday i went eating with my famz

Sunday, February 22, 2015

why oh why my face looks sleepy everytime

Hello guys! 
Finally, seniors are having their prep exam!
and we the juniors are all like "YAY HOLIDAY!!1!"

Today, the lightning was so good that i can't hold myself to do a photoshoot
I miss outdoor photoshoots tho,
But I still reaaally scared to do outdoor photoshoots.
Not only outdoor photoshoots, just walking alone in the alley made me shivers so hard
and I can't sleep alone anymore because i'm traumatized by everything that happens on that day
Yes, I hope god do something to them.
They made me suffer this much.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Thrift Shop Haul #3 !!

So, I got interested in Vlogging and Travel V-Diaries so...
I started uploading my videos on Youtube!!

The first video that i uploaded was my V-diary to Bali and Jogja!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 Birthday Wishlist


No, It's not a hint for anyone
I just want to share what i want for my birthday..

Ah, speaking of birthday, I gonna turn 16 soon!
I'm still young, fresh and cute! 

In my birthday, i always ask for simple things..
When i was in 3rd grade, 
all i asked for my 8th birthday was a briefcase shaped crayon..

This year, in my 11th grade, 
Everyone seems to be so pumped out to have "Sweet 17" birthday in luxurious hotel or diner..
for me, nah, I'd rather ask for the money and buy cute shoes instead.
tbh, i dont like the idea of paying for friends (that i don't know so well) for eating..
nah, nah, nah.

YRU Qloud 2091
Gah!!!I really want this cutie<3
I'm gonna buy it and then gonna fill it with thingz!

Monday, February 2, 2015

bitter tragedy in february

Hey guys!

I want to say that i was really waiting February to come
 because, my birthday is this month.

But now, i really want to rewind time and not courting catastrophe like i did

So, at Sunday, 1st February,
I did an outdoor photoshoot at the graffiti wall behind a public swimming pool in my city

just seeing this place already made me shivers
The place was so quiet and i had strange feelings...that something bad would happen..
But i tried to ignore what my heart says and keeps the photoshoot goes on

I lost my phone.
It was stolen by two scumbags.