Saturday, January 10, 2015

gold skies

Yo, peepz! 

The school has started a week ago 

Things in school been good, real good,
since the K13 or 2013 Curriculum is changed into KTSP again.

Also...I started my diet again...
This week i tried to reduce my (really severe) appetite..
And it (kinda) worked!
One step to a skinny body heheh.

Let see if i can finish my diet this year!

I did this outfit shoots because i'm so bored playing games..
And because the lighting was so good...the sky!
so that's why, my face, looks like a big mess
because i didn't put proper make up..

Oh and btw, about my hair
It was inspired by Sunny from SNSD in Oh!
(yea i WAS a kpoper when i was in 8th grade)


This shoes is super cute rightttt?!:3
It at the first sight...
When i saw this shoes in the display...I...
I fell in love...with this shoes...

What I wore :

Knitted Cardigan : Thrifted 
USA Tee : Thrifted
Patches Skirt : Thrifted 
Watch : Swatch
Socks : No Brand (And it only 5.000 rupiahs lol)
Shoes : GOSH


  1. love your blog!
    you are so cute, and your outfits are always great!

    hey do you mind visiting my blog ^^
    and would you like to follow each other? let me know if you want

  2. This look is way so pretty dear.
    Suka sama rambutnya juga kalau dikuncir gitu.

  3. ive been stalking some fashion blogger page, this is my favorite look today. the colors combination are simply adorable and stylish

    kindly check out my streetstyle

  4. aww you look so cute and dainty in your outfit, and i love what your hair do <3

  5. How nice!
    I follow you, if you like to reciprocate this is my blog: a big kiss and good weekend!

  6. such a cute outfit! love the color of ur knitted cardigan! xx<3