Sunday, December 27, 2015

for love

Okk, so I'll finish posting about my short trip (it's not short, it's micro trip!lol)
On the second day, we went to garut, i thought we were going to a cold place like yesterday, so I ended up wearing sweater, but, it'!!it's 33 celcius and i wore 2 layers of clothing?! nice.

While the mommies are busying themselves by shopping, me and my sister searching a good spot to take ootds....turned out it's so hard!
we managed to find a cute place, it's like, collection of barrels, blue barrels! but it's in a kinda military place...and there are so many guards there...supposed it wont hurt to ask nicely but me and my sis are just an awkward person so we ended up taking pics from the sidewalk lol

Thursday, December 24, 2015

flower power

Hiya guys! 
I just got back from short trip to Bandung with my mom and her friends
Most of things we do just shopping but on the first day we went to a garden,
Taman Bunga Nusantara! 
It's my favorite place in my country (beside from Bali, ofc!)
The first time i went there is when I was in my 8th grade, we had a field trip and we visited it....too sad I was so dumb back then I didn't took single photos there (I cri...)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Hello there! Long time no see!!^^
Finally, after months of in-state of almost having mental breakdown,
I've passed on final exam 
(but i haven't got enough credits to get a nice report card tho)
yea whatever but finally!!! I can frequently post again^^

I admit, being the last year student is really tiresome...
(I said this eventhough i never come to class and pay attention to the teacher lol)
I became busier... idk i'm not busy with studying, more like busy...
...playing with my friends...pointless hanging this is not me...
I need to re-evaluate my life. asap.

So yea! After a week full of blackening answer sheets and got scolded because sleeping while in exam, We decided to do a photoshoot on a floaties in the pool^^
I knowwww, it's fall/winter outside there but in here yea it rains a lot now BUTTTT still hot!!!>:(
i cri.
and also I tried my new lens in this photoshoot>,< finally, a nice lens!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

it'll be a silent day i'll share with you

Hi guuuys!~
Hehehee, I don't do outfit pics lately because my house is still in renovation, so my wardrobe is locked down and I don't have any room right now:(
I promise I will update as frequently as possible when my wardrobe is not locked anymore>,<

At this rate, my score is really threatened,
I spent almost 90% of my time in school outside from my class,
 it's either I go to my friend's class, or go to library to sleep/draw there lol.
(As a student in the last year, this is not really good lol)
(I also have skipped 2 days this week...hnngggGgkkaaawwwhNN)

Ok so, Me and my friends had a 'halloween' photoshoot today but yeeeeea...idk, I'm not into celebrating festivals tho, so I don't really dress up,
I planned to be a guro lolita,
 but ended up wearing striped tee and ripped jeans because i'm so lazy to doll up nowadays....

Monday, October 5, 2015

lonesome street

1 month no post!!
I'm back from my 'hiatus'
(whoa whoa)

Last month...I was really busy.
Yes. Busy.
It's not the kind of 'busy' that have result.
It's the kind of 'busy' of facing problems one by one!

Annnd, I'm not gonna say my school life is becoming better.
(Because everytime I say that my school life would be worse than happened twice lol)
But the girls are starting to talk to me, and the boys are not rude like they were in 2 months ago..

But a change is better than no change at all^^

And, In last month, I discovered soooo many new favorite songs.
And you know, In one day, I can binge listening to Blur's album nonstop lol

Thursday, August 27, 2015

dejalo si quieres continuar

Ok first thing first the title is lyrics from Gorillaz's song "Latin Simone".
It means "Give up if you wanna survive"
And I think It suits my condition pretty well^^

Well, I really can't say whether my condition is improving or just becoming worse than ever, but there's a girl in class that said "I can't stand seeing you get verbally bullied, why don't you stand up for yourself?well, If anything happens, just give 'signal' to me and I'll help you out"
And...Omg...It restores my faith in humanity...
Well, she's the type of kid that rarely goes to school, but she's pretty nice but...well..she's also hated by people in school...idc.

But, I won't forget her goodwill for me.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

tomorrow comes today

Hi everyone!
I'm trying to be a good blogger, at least I need to post 1 post a;p
Idc anymore about school.. (well, not really)
But I don't study at all! I just sit there waiting the school ends while playing dating sim!:)

This week, my school life had been so excellent!
I'm ignored by everyone in class!^_^
I'm deleted from class' group chat in LINE!^_^
I always got shouted even though I didn't do anything wrong!^_^

And it made me realize that...I've been nothing but a bad guy.
Maybe this is the way 'god' punish me..
(omg I actually talk about god oh god lol)
Yea in middle school I always ignore the kids I don't like and tease them..
Well, at least I realize that Bullying people is never okay and eventhough you think it's only for fun, It's not! 
The people that you bully never think it's funny at all! 
What they think of you is "fuck this person i hope you die in bad disease or plane crash"

Ok, enough of wise talk and let's jump to today photoshoot~

Today me and my friend decided to do a photoshoot in Car Free Day area out of nowhere.
I just messaged her 'hey let's go to car free day and take outfit shots there lol'

But this is the most favorite place to take outfit photos (maybe for the time being lol!)
It's safe, because in about 1km from us there are bunch of policemen. So it's safe^_^)/
And....the lighting is so good omg im so happy...:)


Monday, August 17, 2015

revolving door

Hiii! Long time no see!
You see, I got 1 week without wifi and being busy with real life..yeeeah..

Let me do a quick review about this first month of last year of highschool (yay!)
First thing first, about my last year harassment...It's not that bad anymore, they didn't laid any finger because I studied how to be angry at them. But still, they still bully me verbally.

Oh! And btw, I didn't move class. Because one of my friend said it requires tons of effort. plus, my parents need to come too. So, no. I'm the type of the person that will lose my interest of doing a thing if someone tell bad things about it...haha.

And, when I think "ah, school is getting better."
That's when I faced another problem. Well, in a nutshell, girls in my class started to avoid me. Weeell, actually I just have problem with 1 of them, But you know!!!!! dumb girls are dumb. 

Aaaand here I am, hating school, hoping people in my class die...playing Dating sims...and counting days left to final exam..
Ok. That's it! my very first 3 weeks of school! Lot of thing happens!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

to binge

"I'm caught again in the mystery
You're by my side, but are you still with me?
The answers somewhere deep in it, I'm sorry that you're feeling it
But I just have to tell that I love you so much these days
Have to tell you that I love you so much these days, it's true"

Hi^^today the sun was so good to have a mini photoshoot infront of my house

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

heavy seas of love

I'm too lazy to doll up lately
and too scared to do photoshoots, so yeah...

So.. this year I went to my hometown in Bengkulu to celebrate Eid al Fitr
(uummmm yeaa..)
(It's called mudik but whatevs)

All I did was go to beach, go to beach, go to mall, go to mall...
my hometown is located in the seaside, so all i see is Beach, Beach and Beach!
(Don't forget to mention the hellish weather, too)

The first day in Bengkulu was the Lebaran day.
(I'm so sad that I ended up didn't wear any of my sneakers...)
even my rubber shoes feels smooth because it's so hot!!!!!!111!1!11
But it's ok, because if it's gloomy then the photos would look not so great;D


Monday, June 29, 2015

my favorite swing

Hi everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryone!
I'm so busy playing my Ace Attorney series and playing the sims so I locked myself up in my room for days lol...
Since It's Ramadhan Month means I need to fast (ugh) and no energy...for walking in the middle of the's damn hot here.
whatever. I'm....fasting for....losing weight (lol)

So we tried to take shots from the footbridge..It's a perfect place (for me, atleast)
I don't get scared so often because not many people passes trough us, Since people in here prefer to cross the street, not by walking on this bridge
 (then what's the point of building these thing??? ah. for taking outfit pic. yes)

But before I can take detail shots, a man was passing us and I was all like
"hold the camera, and we walk down, ok. I don't want my camera got snatched up ok. it's my life. ok. please. ok"
Even after that man passed, my hands is still shaking....
eventhou he's only a middle aged office man lol

I'm not being sexist here, but I feel very very uneasy and scared when a man pass by me.
 (yEah since the one that stole my handphone was a man so i got traumatized by man!!!11ok!11!!) 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

heart on wave

today i'm having a mood for colorful outfit!(◍•ᴗ•◍)
So today I had a photoshoot in parking lot in a mall

and the security guard was soooo nice !1!!1 he even lets us 'borrow' the trolley
 (which i think usually they wont allow us to borrow it or step on
I hope he have a nice day too˖°✧˖°˖✧(⁰▿⁰)

It makes me so happy when someone is being nice to me
(i find it so rare to get a 'nice' attitude from people in here lol)
faith in humanity restored!(◍•ᴗ•◍)

OH!!!! AND...
only in the tips, sadly.
I'm still have to study in 'that' school for 1 more i think i wont dye whole of my head before i graduated from 'that' school...since 'that' school is very berry strict about hair (even thou they didn't even notice my bleached hair underneath for half a year lol) 

I went trough 2times bleaching, 
after bleaching and showering myself i thought 
"WHOA...finally i have blonde this is what blonde hair looks like"
lol. pardon me.

Friday, June 19, 2015

just what I needed

Hiyaaaaa~ guuu~ys!

So today me and my friend go eating at a place called CK Resto.
We found a pic of their burger in instagram, so...

And I tried their Burger anDDDdDdDDDd OMGGGGGGGG!11!1!1
No im not exaggerating things. I'm a die hard burger lover.
Even a 10.000 Rupiahs (1$) burger in KFC would make me go happy.

I ordered the Special Burger which consists fried egg, homemade patty, and cheese. it was heavenly, good god.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

i-i-i-i'm your butterfly

Hiya guys!
Aaaaa~~hhh~! Long holiday is really fun!
I mean, my life become 100% different in Holiday, more lively:3
since I don't meet those fuckboys... yay!
Time to build up my self-confidence!

Ok, so I write this in 7.23AM in 10AM i need to go to school to get my report card OKKKKK MY STOMACH IS HAVING A RAVE RIGHT NOW.............ugh...

In my holiday, I became an expert Ace Attorney gamer..
I bet you guys don't know what Ace Attorney is..
Let me tell you, it's a series from Capcom about being Lawyer


Ok, so me and my middle schoolmate went to a Cafe~
And I ordered Club Sandwich and Matcha Frappucino 
The matcha frappe was RreEAlly good oh god dam.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Ok actually we only have 2 season in my country :
Summer with (atleast) 1hour of rain perday.
Summer which can melts your body.

Ok.I'm exaggerated the second one. but. It's really hot here.
So don't ask where I get so tanned (wellllll, Actually it's not tanned, IT'S SUNBURNDEEEDDEDD?!!!!!)

In my holiday (we're on holiday now yay111!11)

So today I went to swimming pool with my friend!:3

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

'cause i'm nice like that

Hiya everyone!
So today I went to a cafe for extracurricular meeting(WHOA WHOA I FEEL LIKE A BUSY PERSON) 

(yeah, .....busy playing Ace Attorney games...)
(FYI, i've been binge-playing Ace Attorney trilogy and now I'm playing the second chapter in Ace Attorney : Apollo Justice)

And...Again. I wear all black and white outfit.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

happy go sucky fucky

The title is kinda...weird but it's the title of my current favorite song!!
"Happy Go Sucky Fucky" by Die Antwoord

Let me share my favorite phrases from the song : 

"...Cause I choose to be free
Fuck your rules! Who are you to tell me
What I can and what I can't do?
Fuck you bitch! I just want to be me!

I party properly
Nobody fuck with me
Wear what the fuck I like in the streets"

YAAAaAaAssss How I love energetic songs, It makes my day.

So school has ended, finally.
I've waited this time for half a year...
Half a year of struggling and telling myself school will be over in * hours...

Idk if I can move class because I need to give reason why infront of the counseling teacher and my parents while I don't really want my parents know how I've been doing in school...

But today I had a photoshoot with my friend in Junior High school!
yaaaay!! Rememberring good ol' time where I don't know any fuckboi...
What a nice memories...

Sunday, May 24, 2015

trip to Malaysia and Singapore! -- 3rd day

 this will be the last part of my trip to my and sg post;p

On the last day, we went to Legoland bc well my lil'bro is a die hard lego-thingy lovers..
But we woke up really late lol, I think it was 11am??
because we running out of time, 
he can't play inside since he only allowed to play in there only for 1hr. 
So, next year, then.
My lil'bro is a strong boy, if it was me, i'd throw a tantrum...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

trip to Malaysia and Singapore! -- 2nd day

Let's continue my post about my trip to Malaysia and Singapore~
On the 2nd day, We visit the tourist attractions like the twin tower (umm, I actually don't really like to go to tourist attractions...but, I'm still travelling with my fam so I can't make my own rules lol)


Saturday, May 16, 2015

trip to Malaysia and Singapore! -- 1st day

After 4 days no school~~ 
(including 1 day skipping school bc im too lazy to meet those fuckboys)
My confidence is filled up again! yay!
I went to Malaysia and Singapore in 3 days 2 nights~

And, I'm gonna tell you 1 more good thing!
In 2 weeks, there's no more school, only holidayz!!<3
I just need to survive in this 1 week of studying and 1 week of exams...
I can do it!

I ate this matcha gelato after landed in KLIA!
I ate this because I didn't eat anything since the only available food in there was curry-spiced food, ugh.

After that, we went to Putrajaya and take a stroll there, 
I like the architectures there, looks like i'm in Europe or somewhere like that.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

be a body

Hello guys!! Long time no see! 
2 Weeks!! that's a long long time, rite?!

How's things? Me?! not good at all!!!111!
at this rate I can do a massive shooting in school. lol. nah. no. nein. don't want to do that. I don't want to be a evil person.
But seriously, I want to tell everyone in my class "OI YOU ALL!!! GO ROT IN HELL!!!11!!1!"
Especially the boys.
I can't stand anything in my class anymore I feel like to start Battle Royale thingy everytime I step my feet to school
I've decided. I'm gonna move to another class.
Yes. It's called running away. buT. who the heck can stand being sexual harassed by the nasty fuckboys, and noone in class gonna stand by your side (especially the girls?!?!!?! they are the worst)
And the worst of it, they (those shitty girls) thought that I LIKE being harassed?!!?!
are they serIOUS?!!?!!?!!!!!

I'm sorry.
I angry whenever think of my class.

So today I went out with my sister
Actually she's the one that want to buy clothes...
But I ended up being the one who buys clothes lol


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

you are phoenix, you are fire, you are everything

So 21st April is Kartini Day!!
A day to appreciate R.A Kartini, a women right activist.
I was chosen for represent my class.
(i love events like this)
(bcause i hope someone will notice me)

I wore Kebaya and put some make up on and do those fashion show thingy and answering questions...
I am the type of dumb student (yes i mean it.)
So I can't answer it lol

Monday, April 13, 2015

stay with us

Hi everyone!
YAAAAY!! Finally!! 1 week holiday (again) ! 
Because our senior is having National Exam this week~
Next year, It will be us...ugh

So today me and my friends watch Furious 7
I'm into watching movies now lol 
Actually I don't watch all of fast n furious series. I only watched the Tokyo drift one lol.

Friday, April 10, 2015

summertime sadness

Let me tell you things about me first...

I'm the type of kid in class that always go to other class in recess time.
I'm the type of kid in class that is like air, you don't even recognize if  i am missing.
I'm the type of kid in class...that doesn't have any close friend.

Actually, I really like my class right now.
Since I got into social class, so the type of friendship would be different (yea it's totally different)
People in here is all funny, carefree, lazy, etc etc.
And, I hated my 10th grade classmates.
They...just...laugh at things that make other's feeling hurt

Well. Today we went to Pahawang Island. ah, actually I have went there before.

All I remembered... All I feel there is...warmth...
Warmth of togetherness...
(Please remember that I am a person that doesn't even know what is it feels to have any friends)
(So...I kinda...feel excited)
(yes this sound cheesy as fuck)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

candy flavored lips

Ahhh, Spending each holiday making movies with mini photo session lol

This the last day I'm joining them making movies
 (I can't attend it the next day because i need to go to beach lel)

Today we had photoshoot with my friend's scooter, 
The scooter is so cuuute...we can't resist to take photos without it !

Saturday, March 28, 2015

let's go down to the tennis court


I don't live in elite housing community so I can't have tennis court photoshoots...
I reeeally love tennis court photoshoots because...idk...?

So, as the member of the photography club, we have this annual event...
making short movie....?
Well, I don't take any role in it, I just donating my camera and my memory card (lol)
But it's nice than just laying infront my laptop and playing the sims 3 24/7 

candid pic taken while we are smiling for photo lol

Friday, March 20, 2015

love is a cannibal riding a carnival carousel

The title..
It's from Em's new song ; Twisted
I liiiike it sooo much!

Today I went to a cafe to have a meeting about our next project, making a movie
Well, I'm in photography club in the school
(please don't be surprised, ikr student like me doesn't fit to be a club member lel)

So I quite like the result of the photo because the massive sunlight<33
I don't need to do any edits in these photos
And tomorrow we are planning to have a photoshoot in the tennis court!

*plays lorde's tennis court song*

What I Wear : 

Shirt : UNIQLO (Thrifted)
Tee : Thrifted
Shorts : Thrifted
Tights : Unknown Brand
Sneakers : Bugis St.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Hi everyone!
So we have this 'one week holiday' because our seniors are having their exam now!
Which means....Everyday go photoshoot! yaay!!

Today, my friends from middle school gave me mini- birthday surprise 
(I actually didn't prepared anything so they just barged in while i was laying down playing the sims3)

excuse my wet hair and not-prepared-for-photo-face

So after the birthday surprise and lots of chit chats, talking about how silly we are in middle school, we went to fidella's house since we are too scared to do outdoor photoshoots (yeah, I'M STILL TRAUMATIZED!) because of 'Begal', 

you know, I live in lampung, the land of begal, everyday we get news like "A got killed in X stabbed by knife and the motorcycle is stolen" or "Beware if you're in street X, that area is so dangerous!"

I can't live peacefully because those idiots who earning money by hurting innocent people.

I'm really confused, why the heck people keeps doing bad things to eachother?why won't they be nice at eachother? why they want to get money by hurting other innocent people?

So we saw a really white walls and we think it'd be really pretty if we take photos there
Yeah, it is!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

born to be bad

Hello everyone!

So this time I want try something different...something....sporty-ish?
But I tried to wear sweatskirt(is that even exist)
and wear kindaa....crop tee?
So I think it'd fit Sporty look lol