Wednesday, July 9, 2014

O Greeny Eyes

Cause lately i can't do photoshoots...
I will post review about Lens!

I don't always wear color con, but when i have mood for wearing it,
I wear it~

This time i bought a green lens!
I was searching GEO Nudy Green, but seems like there's no color con like that here..

This lens is not a famous branded one,
But i think it's very cute~~

The name is V1 Amore


Side to Side Comparison
What i love about this color con is..
It's not too big!
For a person with small eyes, I'm having hard time when it comes to 'ColorCon Shopping'
While my friends are having fun with their cute and enormous colorcon, I'm having hard time..
Choosing the right diameter for a color con..
If I wear too big color con, I'd look like alien. I'm not lying or exaggerate things here.

This how the lens looked in indoor light (day)

This is how the lens looked in flash light

Ikr. Ikr that my nose is so nasty
ikr my pores are so big!
 This how the lens looked in outdoor light