Saturday, July 12, 2014

girl's night out

Finally i can break-fasting with my crew from middle school!
Even though one of them can't attend it.

Raglan Tee : LOGO//Tartan Midi-Skirt : Benefice shop (custom made!)//
Socks : DIY//Shoe : Unbranded

My friend, Berlian, is so skinny now~~
Her tummy is not round anymore~
I'm Jealous!

We did an quick outdoor photoshoot!

I'm Having so much fun~
It's so fun when i hang out with them!

I love tartan skirt so much~~
I'm gonna buy many tartan skirts!

It's so satisfying after 2weeks of no photoshoots~~


  1. Cute:з

    I would be glad if you you come to my

  2. Lovely post:)
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?
    Follow me, let me know, and I'll follow back immediately:)

  3. Cute and sporty look!

    new post Summertime Escape
    xx, Chantilly Voeux

  4. amazing blog!!!! lovely your skirt!! :)