Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Eye Gemz

I'm gonna talk about eye make up today~~

First, Apply eyeliner to make your eyes look Bigger!
(I know I'm so bad at this)
And It can make you easier to apply fake lashes~

Second, Apply the falshies!
This time i use the cheapy cheap fake lashes! (Only idr 5000! geewdd)
But the result still can be called as 'good' lol

And the last, Put rhinestones under your eyes or wherever you like!
I really love this eye make up cause it looks...ermm...Magical?

Inspired by this :

Wheee.... I love this lashes!
I'm gonna buy many of lashies~!

Look! Pimples! T_T
I'm So sad...!
Why on my cheek?! Why not on my forehead cause it hidden by my bangs!?!?!?!

 If you look closely you may notice something different from me...


I dyed my hair back to black!
So, at the day before school starts, I dyed my hair brown,
But, It just make my 'purple' hair become bright red (in the sunlight)
I re-dye it again,

So, I have no more option left...


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

...And all I wanna hear is the message beep

Ramadhan month means....Break-fasting with crews!
...And My money wasted so much for it...
I want to go thrifting...

My hair color have faded...i think so...
Cause i always wash'em everyday lol
Look! the brown color have showed now...!

Oh btw, I'm a 11th grader now!
I got into IPS/Social class!
Yea, Since first i've hated Physics and Chemistry!
(I always sleep at that subject but i got 7.5+ on my report card lol)

Big fail
Shirt : UNIQLO (Thrifted)//Dungaree : Thrifted//
Socks : DIY//Sneakers : @sepatulukispunkpinkpop (IG)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

girl's night out

Finally i can break-fasting with my crew from middle school!
Even though one of them can't attend it.

Raglan Tee : LOGO//Tartan Midi-Skirt : Benefice shop (custom made!)//
Socks : DIY//Shoe : Unbranded

My friend, Berlian, is so skinny now~~
Her tummy is not round anymore~
I'm Jealous!

We did an quick outdoor photoshoot!

I'm Having so much fun~
It's so fun when i hang out with them!

I love tartan skirt so much~~
I'm gonna buy many tartan skirts!

It's so satisfying after 2weeks of no photoshoots~~

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

O Greeny Eyes

Cause lately i can't do photoshoots...
I will post review about Lens!

I don't always wear color con, but when i have mood for wearing it,
I wear it~

This time i bought a green lens!
I was searching GEO Nudy Green, but seems like there's no color con like that here..

This lens is not a famous branded one,
But i think it's very cute~~

The name is V1 Amore


Side to Side Comparison
What i love about this color con is..
It's not too big!
For a person with small eyes, I'm having hard time when it comes to 'ColorCon Shopping'
While my friends are having fun with their cute and enormous colorcon, I'm having hard time..
Choosing the right diameter for a color con..
If I wear too big color con, I'd look like alien. I'm not lying or exaggerate things here.

This how the lens looked in indoor light (day)

This is how the lens looked in flash light

Ikr. Ikr that my nose is so nasty
ikr my pores are so big!
 This how the lens looked in outdoor light