Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Remake Project!

Lately, i've been into Remaking old and plain clothes~
Remaking things always fun~

Ok, the first thing i've ever remake was my sis pants, it's versace tho!
damn, i was 13 at that time so i don't know any brands lol
I made her pants into an ombre jeans (it was so trending in tumblr back then HAHA)
but i don't have any photo of it.

So, this is my remade clothes~

1.Old + Oversized Crop Tee

This tee also my sister's ! *laughs*
She live alone now so i kinda taking clothes that she don't use~

I also cut the sleeve and making it into a more opened clothes
Hey, this kinda cool~

See, my face just better if blurred or out of focus

2.Plain Socks~

Clothes dyes are like the most coolest thing ever invented
I really love Tie Dyed Things~~
I'm gonna make one like this next time!

Looks so cool right?!!!!!btw this is Manitas, a store staff in a clothes shop in japan
Back to the topic, 
If only i have more plain socks, i'd try all of tie dye methods!

My lil bro was there too 
Also, I think you need to use gloves or something like that
Because, the dye hard to be washed><
Look how dirty my hands are!

What i would be looked in my feet?
Hey, it turned out pretty cute!

And the 2nd Socks :

The 2nd socks looks dirtier...
Maybe because i use too much green dye><
I want to acid wash it to make it cooler!

I want to remake much things next time!
Like making detachable collars from Thrift shop shirt??
Or Making crop shirt like this :

Ahh!! so much ideas for remaking clothes pop in my head!!
Can't wait for holiday so i can remake tons of clothes~~


  1. The first pair of socks looks great! :D I'm not a big fan of the second pair, I think you really used too much green on these. :) I used to love tie dyeing and dip dyeing when I was a kid but I can't stand the mess it makes anymore so I kinda stopped. ><
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. hahaa! yes i used too much green ;_; but i've fixed it with bleaching it (bleachers are sure the #1 'if your clothes suck' kits) now the color is kinda yellow+orange ! dip dyeing is sure fun!!!><

  2. same as me! I love remake my shirt to cropped tee!
    I don't why but it's so fun, right?

    Overload Journals

    1. making old clothes into new clothes is really feels like it's magical~~~:3

  3. nice tips :)
    I like ypur blog header anyway

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  4. love your ideas especially with the tie dye! although the second pair of socks looks dirty :(I recommend you use brighter colors like pink or blue.. love your site too! reminds me of O-Mighty ♥ thanks for visiting my blog, dear!

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!

    1. yeah! i bleach the socks for making the color brighter:) im gonna update it later, well pink or blue color kinda hard to get in my city><

  5. love the dyed crop tee! i like how you cut out the sides -- very trendy. this is a really fun way to reuse older clothes!