Saturday, June 21, 2014

つけま つける

Do any of you know what is the meaning of the title of this Post?
Yes, that is one of Kyary's Song!
That's the first kyary song I listened to!
Just from watching the MV, I already become her biggest fan!

"I’m a girl with giant pretty eyes
I put on long, fluttery falsies
Putting on falsies, falsies, falsies
Am I cute? Putting on falsies "

Because my eyes are so little,
It's really pain-in-the-ass if wearing falshies!
Trimming it until the lengths are correct..

LOL kinda failxD

When i look at the mirror, I was like...
"Dude wtf izdat me?!"
"Falshies are the best invention in this world"

God bless sunlight, it's the best feature for photoshoots!

In flashes:
Dudeeee my face is so oily! So, if i take photos with flashes,
I look like a Gorengan...


  1. I love wearing false eyelashes too! It really enhances my eyes :D


  2. The lashes suits you well and it also compliments your fringe and contacts :)

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  3. Love your eye makeup! Come over to enter my Beach Bag giveaways :-)

  4. you looks so cute!
    I love use falsies but I cut it into two part so it won't hurt my eyes

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  5. great lashes :D