Saturday, June 28, 2014

Purple Haired Bitch

Guess what? 

I dyed my hair to Dark Purple!


I'm so happy cos I get the color that i wanted!

I use Feves Hair dye! The violet one~
Even though this is cheap boxed hair dye, The color is reaaaal good!
Don't underestimate Cheap things power!

My Original hair color was Dark chocolate!
I get that chocolate maybe cause playing basketball under sunlight...
Anak layangan.

Before dyeing my hair, i'm confused...which color should i dye my hair into?
Dark Blue...?
Dark green...?
Dark Purple...?

I use my Junior Highschool sports clothing!

I'm sorry if i have Airport on my forehead...
 Idek why but i use Aluminium foils to dye my hair?
Maybe cos my hair stick to my neck and making my neck purple?!

My mom caught me dyeing hair...
She didn't get furious...
But she disappointed with me...


The color turns out pretty good!
When im Indoor, the color would be black!
When There's sunlight, the color would be so beautiful~

This how it'll look in Sunlight!
Lately the weather here is all cloudy or rainy..
I can't take photo while the sun shines brightly...

I'm gonna update if the weather is sunny (so i can take my hair's pic beautifully)

Today was so sunny!~~
Yay for sunlight~~

This color makes my hair looks darker (ofcourse, blacker)
I used to have brown hair so it kind feels weird when i see my hair...
I'm gonna dye my hair Blue or Green next time~~

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I'm kinda happy cos I, officially, separated from my shitty class today!
We went to a Park to do 'farewell 10th grade' event
...But it was so fun.
I realized that i isolate myself from people in class...
(Yea cos 8/10 of my time in school spent by sleeping)
And they have no motivation to talk to me either...
So we kinda doesn't understand about each other
If only we have time to talks before, My class wouldn't be a shitty class.

But who cares! I got separated from em anyway!

The back side of my sweater
My face tho'

What surprised me is...
Noone insulted me cos i wear my platform sneakers..
It's not that i love being laughing stock cos wearing it...Just seems so weird
Usually they have really sharp tongue...
Now they just ask "not heavy wearing that shoes?" or "whee you are taller now"
And the girls only "whoaaah that's a bloody hell short skirt!"

Today, the one that taking my photos is Aulia!

It was cloudy back there
But it's so hot!
I sweat so much so my hair kinda wetty...ugh

And I actually considering to dye my hair into dark purple/blue
I wont bleach my hair so the color is only visible when there's sunlight!

Look how thin is my hair is

I hope you all can have great holiday!
For me, I'll just remaking thrift finds and do much much of photoshoots!
...And, Dye my hair purple!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

つけま つける

Do any of you know what is the meaning of the title of this Post?
Yes, that is one of Kyary's Song!
That's the first kyary song I listened to!
Just from watching the MV, I already become her biggest fan!

"I’m a girl with giant pretty eyes
I put on long, fluttery falsies
Putting on falsies, falsies, falsies
Am I cute? Putting on falsies "

Because my eyes are so little,
It's really pain-in-the-ass if wearing falshies!
Trimming it until the lengths are correct..

LOL kinda failxD

When i look at the mirror, I was like...
"Dude wtf izdat me?!"
"Falshies are the best invention in this world"

God bless sunlight, it's the best feature for photoshoots!

In flashes:
Dudeeee my face is so oily! So, if i take photos with flashes,
I look like a Gorengan...