Friday, May 2, 2014

What's Inside of My Bag?

I'm so bored!!
So when i stalk some blog, I got an idea to make a post about things in my bag!

Here we goes!

Drawing Supplies! 
Ofcourse, i'll be bringing this things everywhere i go!
I'm the type of person that can't wait by just sitting or chatting...
I just want my hands move at all! haha!

Map is the vital part of my drawing supplies, because i'm a type of people who draws in paper (if i don't bring any book)
And if i don't bring any map, the drawing papers will be crushed!!urrrgh!

And Pen and pencils is the #2 most important things i need to bring everywhere haha
If i don't bring paper it's ok, because i could doodle at my hands, someone's hands, or in a table

i'd bring this everywhere, If i don't forget
I sometimes forgot to bring sketchbook because now i have a map that can hold much things!

but if i go somewhere like a English Course or place that i can get much much imagination,I'd bring a sketchbook instead of a Map because i feel much more creative if bringing a book!

3DS and its Charger!
I need to bring this!!!every!!!where!!!!
If i get bored of drawing and writing, I'd play games from my 3ds haha!
It's so important to bring its charger because I tend to forget time if i play game!

Wallet.I seldom bring these but its still a 'thing' in my bag.
I got this wallet since i was 3 or 4y.o!
I really love the Tartan prints!!

Oh, Maybe i don't like to bring wallet because i like to keep my money messy on my Jeans pocket
I think it's too complicated if when we want to pay, we need to open the bag, open the wallet, argh, people behind me would feel annoyed....oh, anxiety...

 Yea, some kind of 'emergency bad hair day or ugly face day kit'

 I keep this on the bag's pocket (not the Dirty one!!)
because I'm the type of people that doesn't wear make-up to go everywhere...
And for making everyone doesn't recognize me haha

Also I always bring one hairband or some bobby pins !
I also Bring wristband, but unti now i still don't know why i always bring it haha

Some Candies! For now, I'll be bringing some UHA matcha candies!It's so tasty!!
I really like sucking things while drawing or playing games!
So either it'll be Chewing gum , or Some candies!haha:3

 Beauty care clutch!:3 But sometimes i tend to forget to bring it...
the most Important thing here is... Body Cologne!
I tend to sweat a niagara falls at hot weather, so....

And this, is what's inside of my bag!

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