Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday at Secondhand clothing's heaven! (+ Tips for Thrift Shopping)

Today I went to thrift shopping with my friend Fidella!
This is my first time thrift shopping!

First impression : 'oh gosh vintajiiiiiiesss!!!!Gunna be Indonesia's Ayumi seto mweheh!!'
There are soooooo many of vintage tee, plaid shirt, parkas
oh gosh.

Oh wait, that's not the best part!
The best part is...........all of those priced lower than 100.000rupiahs!!
I'm so happy!!

Well If you're a hygienic person, you wouldn't want to shop here.
some of the clothes was in 'un-perfect' condition, need to buy buttons/zip/sew it by yourself!
And, some of the clothes was dirty, have stains, and dusty

BUT, if you're smart Patient enough to browse all of those clothes,
you may find a treasure.
Like, branded things?
I found Ralph Lauren, Uniqlo, some of Disney tee, and other branded clothes!

For me, it's ok!
I've always been a huge fan of American Diner culture(thats what ayumi senpai said!)
And I love vintage thingy!!

a bit dirty, eh?
There's stains in the back. I hope i have the power to brush it off!
I got it for 20.000rupiahs!pretty cheap for a thick sweater like this! gosh!

Second thing i bought is this Shirt!
I love this beachy-vintage look!
Can't wait for photoshoots with this shirt!<33
And guess what, This shirt is in pretty good condition!!gosh!
no stains...still clean...thanks god!

This acid washed short is really cheap!!!!!
Only for 15.000rupiahs!GOOOOSHHHHH, I'm so happy!!!!

This overalls, I've been wanting a overalls for this 2months!!
The price is 20.000!!!GOSH!!!20.000!!!
Y'know, if you buy it on online shop in instagram, the price would be 8x times than this!
Thanks fidella for introducing me to world of secondhand thingy!!

And for the last thing, I bought this mickey leopard cap!
Very cute!!<33
Only for 20.000!!Pretty cheaaaaaap....

And from my experience today on Thrift shopping...
I suggest that you should...

1.Eat first before go shopping!!
I didn't eat anything before shopping, so, 
after visiting 8stores(whoa) , I got kinda dizzy and not concentrated on shopping!

2.Have a day for thrift shopping!
Gosh, I just got 3hours, And i'm not satisfied!!><
If you just like me, the type of people that need long long times for shopping, I suggest that you need to make a one day full with thrift shopping!!

Bargain!!bargain it until it reeeeeal low!!
yea i only can say it, but at the reality...

Me: 'mba, ini berapa?'
Mbak-mbaknya : '25.000'
Me: '15....aja....ya' *senyum awkward*

I'm so bad at bargaining><Well, I'd say it 'Too shy to bargain'
I'm so envy with people that can bargain!!

4.Check it two-four times!
you need to check it, like stains....washable or not
zips...perfect condition or not
ripped or not, or something like that!

5.Wear simple n comfy clothes!
Many of thrift store here got sooooo many things inside but NO fan or AC!
So it's reaaaaal hot there.
I wore tee, shorts, and slipper today.
Because, it make easier to try clothes there too!

6.if your friend lives near there, disguise!
(if you're that kind of high-end girl types)
I wore a mask today, well ,not for disguise, but i heard its kinda dusty there...

7.Bring your friends!!
more friends, more fun! haha! you can switch ideas or suggest some clothes!
And you can chat so you don't look awkward!

Thrift shopping is reeeeal fun!!
Real real fun
For you that haven't try this.
Try this.
While you can.


  1. AAAAA!! I love thrift hunting and shopping too!! x3 wish I could go there too~
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    1. hahhaa:Dthrifting is sure reeeeaaaal fun!!:3:3

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