Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fashion Inspiration : 50s

Since i discovered Ayumi Seto's KIDZ style,
I instantly become 50s fan!

I really love neon sign!! When i have my own house, I'm gonna decorate it like 50s american diner!
Checkered floor, mint/pink/red wallpaper, jukebox, leather sofa....gosh

i love crowded wall!

Pink leather is not a bad thing!
The Fashion, hmm, for the fashion i really love Cheerleader girl fashion!
The girl that wears sweater over a shirt and checkered skirt, gosh!!
I really love preppy 50s fashion!

I hope my school uniform have checkered skirt...

Point : The high waisted skirt and the loose socks 

Point : the way they wear the shirt  
I love how they wear high waisted pants!
Points : The skirt and the knee socks

Point : The turtleneck sweater!
Points : The sweater and the skirt!
I hope my school life can be this fun
Point : the oversized sweater that matched with a cheerleader skirt 
I want that dungaree!

Point : The highwaisted jeans matched with that top!
God i really love 50s!
I hope there's someone here that like 50s preppy style too?!


  1. Replies
    1. yeah!:D 50s is the best era like.......ever!

  2. great post! love it

  3. My school was built in 1895 and my uniform is green checkered and the socks are knee socks lol xD

    Thank you for the sharing, useful post!

  4. such a great post about fashion! this is inspiring

  5. oh girl, me too! 50's era is so inspiring to this latest fashion!

  6. omg, I think we do have a similiar fashion taste!
    and hell yeah I like the 50's too. thanks for your comment on my blog><
    followed your blog~

  7. So cool! Great post! :D


  8. i feel like most of the fashion from the 50s is coming back! although i usually like simple and clean looking, the wall actually looks really cool and pretty! - bel
    hey, i hope we can follow each other and be friends hehe! im sorry if my "request" bothers you though lol

  9. What a cool post. I also love girly skirt and cheerleaders flirty look. really nice post. thanks fot visiting my blog. xo


  10. nice :) i dare you to visit mine