Saturday, May 17, 2014


Today is the opening ceremony of Lampung Fair!
Finally, an event on Lampung!;_;

When i arrived there, it's full of people!!
Sea of Humans, you may say.

and the worst part is MY CAMERA ONLY HAVE 1 BAR LEFT.
Luckily i could still take outfit photos!
Thanks god!

Yea, i always go everywhere with fidella, you may say she's my partner in crime
(or is it because i don't have any other friend?)
but for me fidella is the best friend for go photoshooting (haha) you may say she's my photographer

 I kinda love the lighting in here even tho' kinda making my face dark
But even it would make my face look dark, i wont use flash.

 gewd, I look so tired.
Actually yeah i'm so tired because yesterday i just got 5 hours to sleep.

She's tesya! member from middle school crew!

We took photo shamelessly.
People there were staring at us but we don't care!!
we love it!!

how come my eye becomes so puffy?!!!
Cool Kids top//Thrifted Dungaree//Unbranded Platfrom sneakers

About the top, I got it since i was in 4th grade in elementary school
So old, eh?Let's see how 'young and still skinny' rafa wears it....

Heeeey but the positive side is that i don't grow big too much (lol)
I'm gonna go here again same time next week!


  1. You're so pretty! :)

  2. This is really interesting to see! And you look adorable.

    -- Alexandra Aimee

  3. Oh, I think I have a same shoes like yours haha

  4. Great outfit. . :)
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