Wednesday, May 28, 2014


In order to celebrate harpitnas, me and my family went to Batam and Spore (haha)
Yeah, Harpitnas is our country tradition............haha

Looks like Hollywood sign:D
When i arrived at Batam, damn, it's so hot.......i can't believe there's place hotter than Lampung..
And there's so many for hotels?

My sis took this when i pissed off because the Auto Focus doesn't work...

Btw i'm really into skirts now!
Idk why but wearing skirt is muuuuuch easier than wearing a pants

Oh and btw I bought the tee at Kids section at a mall
beside, it's 2 birds 1 stone's much cheaper and it's looks so cute

Little M Tee//LOGO Skirt//Puma Shoes

My town is nothing if compared with those skyscrapers

When i arrived on Merlion park, it was so HOT!!!
Much hotter than batam.
And because of sunlight, i can't even open my eyes fully .lol

Hey i look like those mean seniors on school
So much people but idk why i feel more confident wearing my style clothes here than in my city
As you can see, my hair is so thin

idk why but my face looks much better if blurred

After that we went shopping in Bugis St.
Gewd, It's a heaven for Shopaholic, i'd say
Hey but the price there is sooooooooooooo cheap!!
So cheap if compared with price at the Online Shops
Unfortunately my mom just give me 50 SGD....;_;

I bought these 3 eyeballs hairband just for 5 SGD!
Yay for cheap cute things!
Finally i have these after 3 years asking myself where to buy these

I bought the sweater for 10 SGD! Dammmmn!!!!I really love this place!
and the Blue Creepers is 15 SGD !! SO CHEAP HUH?!!?!I
f i buy creepers on Online Shops it'd be 30-40$ *Crying*
And the Studded platform sneakers is just 20SGD!!! Yay!! 

it took me 3hrs or more to browse this place (i only reached half of 2nd floor!!!i didn't go to the 3rd floor)
I want to be back here again. sooner. month?
Just shopping here makes myself reaaally happy...
what would happen if i go to japan and shops at Harajuku st...
i'd cry a niagara falls because so happy (haha)

After that, we went to Mustafa Centre
Chocolate here is so cheap!!

because I only have 5cent left in my wallet, i didn't buy anything 
but i do buy something (by whining at my sis to buy me chocos)

Kit Kat maccha is so tasty!!;_;
I can't even describe the taste but it's sooooooo tasty!;_;

I bought these!
I've always been a huge fan of something with sakura flavor!
Tea, Candies, chocos, and much more!

Because 5hrs walking non stop, my feet got some blisters (haha)

At wednesday, we left batam!
Waaaa!such a good time!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fashion Inspiration : 50s

Since i discovered Ayumi Seto's KIDZ style,
I instantly become 50s fan!

I really love neon sign!! When i have my own house, I'm gonna decorate it like 50s american diner!
Checkered floor, mint/pink/red wallpaper, jukebox, leather sofa....gosh

i love crowded wall!

Pink leather is not a bad thing!
The Fashion, hmm, for the fashion i really love Cheerleader girl fashion!
The girl that wears sweater over a shirt and checkered skirt, gosh!!
I really love preppy 50s fashion!

I hope my school uniform have checkered skirt...

Point : The high waisted skirt and the loose socks 

Point : the way they wear the shirt  
I love how they wear high waisted pants!
Points : The skirt and the knee socks

Point : The turtleneck sweater!
Points : The sweater and the skirt!
I hope my school life can be this fun
Point : the oversized sweater that matched with a cheerleader skirt 
I want that dungaree!

Point : The highwaisted jeans matched with that top!
God i really love 50s!
I hope there's someone here that like 50s preppy style too?!