Tuesday, April 8, 2014

'twas a gloomy day to have a gloomy sunday

late postin' because i'm really busy...
playing my gta5 lol

i beat that game for the second time.

It was a gloomy sunday
So i became i bit gloomier than usual
maybe because noone ask me to hang out or something..

You know where i take these shots at?
At a place to hang our clothes lol-_- (Kata orang indonesia sih Jemuran)
Well the lighting here perfect so i love to take photos here!

I think that teashade glasses really make my look gloomyyyyy
but that's my opinion tho'

I started to liking myself and appreciate what God has given me.
I started to deal with my past-self. and decide to forget and let it all go
What done is done. it can't be undone

btw, I wore a beanie.

I really love my messy hair
It really shows the 'true' me
Yay for messy hair!