Monday, April 21, 2014


I went to the pool with my Friend yesterday!
(Even though it would always be summer in here haha)

I love striking this face now:3
 The weather was so hot!
Perfect for Swimming!

I think you could imagine how hot in here

I just know this pool yesterday!
If only i knew it sooner, I'd always swimming here!
Even though it's so far faraway from my house

I look 100% cuter in sunlight

I really love sunlight!
It makes my hair looks so brownish haha
And My eyes too! 
Oh gosh!

In case you wondering who uti is haha

 I wore my Five Croptee (LOGO jeans)
And Red tartan Assymmetric skirt that i bought online
And jeans shortpants (I forget the brand haha too lazy to check it tho')
And Cream Sneakers by League



My eyes are so brown OMG!!
I wish i can have this eyes ,like , forever!!;_;

I really love sunlight when i'm in a photoshoot haha
But i really hate it when i'm in the school, gosh haha


After that we went to the waterboom
Gosh, It's been so long since i went to the waterboom


I really love taking photos in the Swimming tire
It makes me look like some pin up girl or something?haha?

 And for the last event, we went to the water sprinkler
Oh gosh I love playing with water! haha

Running like a child haha

And that's wrap up my last day of 'No-School-for-10-Day' holiday
It was really fun!
Next time i really want to take photoshoot like a pin up girl in the Swimming tire haha:D