Wednesday, April 30, 2014

it was too hot to play in the beach

Kinda late post!!;_;
My laptop broke!!(But i just bought it in february!!!!)
So it need to be sent to jakarta for a month...*cries*

A month with no-laptop...
A month updating blog trough my bro's laptop...

you can break everything in my life....but no laptop. please.

Sooooo, I went to the beach (again?!)
It haven't been a month since the last time i went to a beach!

This time i went to the Pahawang Island!
With my crew from da' school!

I'm not sorry for my ugly face LOL
Actually the plan was....go at 7am...
But....we went from 8am lol...

 We need to take a transit via boat(duh susah nih ah bahasa nya)
It takes around.....45minutes from the port to the Island!

 Green!The reef was visible from the boat!
So cleeaaaan! Crystal clear!


 At first i was so enthusiasthic on the boat...but after 15min on the kinda got motion sickness or people says Mabuk Laut!
i always can't stand Sea wind!;_;so cold or whatevs!

Finally! Arrived!!

 Yarz!!!When we arrived, I ran and my shoes got's a canvas shoes tho'...
it's my fault too that i wore a shoes into a sea...haha

Clean and Serene.
BTW, I wore some american pop art-thingy Tee from Ninety Degrees! it's so cute!
I reckon' that it's Roy Lichtenstein's artwork!!

Views from there!
 Whoa, If you want to see much much of Coral reefs, you should go here!
It's a perfect place for snorkeling!
(promoting lampung lol)


One thing that i really like about going to sea is...
If i swim in the sea, my hair color gonna fade away and be more brown! yars!
When it's holiday i'm gonna dye my hair Ashy Brown/ Dark brown!:3
At least my hair looks good here
My legs looks skinnier than before haha...
 I can't take much much photo like those last photoshoot..
Because's with my highschool friend...
They would think it's so 'ew'
yea sometimes you need to be somebody else to be accepted...

*After 2hours playing under the sun*

I look shitty when my hair wet..
Oh gosh!!!
This time i really really got tanned!

Views from the port!^_^

 'twas so fun!
But if someone ask me to go out to the sea, no. no. I don't want to go to sea anymore.
Not until my skin is completely got normal again.
no. not now.not tomorrow. not anymore

 My so sad...*cries*


  1. looks so much fun! ini salah satu dari pulau seribu kah? ga pernah denger :P


  2. ahhh the beach looks so pretty and it looked like you guys had a lot of fun! but i'm seriously wondering why you're all wearing so much clothes at the beach or when you go swimming?

    1. Well people here drop their jaw off from just seeing girls wearing short(5cm above the knee) skirt or shorts-__-v