Friday, April 18, 2014

Five, Union Jack and Tartan

So I wore this Asymmetric skirt today
Can you guess something?bzzztttt wrong.
Everyone stares at me like i'm an alien or something
Like really...?oh god

I wore 'a kind of hard to walk in' shoes;_;
My feet got some blisters ;_;
beauty is pain, people says
I wore my favorite Earring!
I called it, Missy Daisy Smiley
 And I wore watch that i got from a cereal:D
It has cute neon color!

And there's a old man on a motorbike said this to me "hey missy, do you have enough material to make a skirt?if not i could buy it for you"
What i did just walk away
I really want to say "Oh really?I feel sorry for your Wife and kids at home expecting their father to make money but ALL HE DID just teasing girls at the street!"
But i didn't do that because i'm the type of people who need really long time for thinking lol:D


  1. Really? It's not even short at all -__- kadang2 orang emang kurang kerjaan hahaha :p

    1. IyahT_T kota aku masih kota yg org orgnya masih terlalu 'tradisional' sih ahaha:D

  2. Dont worry, its not even short at all, mine is shorter :) Just be confident and be yourself :p

    1. Yea i live in wrong place to be a fashion blogger(T ^ T)