Friday, March 14, 2014

Rule No.1 : Lighting is an important thing when it comes to Self Portrait

I'm trying to apply make-ups~

So i was inspired by Ayumi's make up :

You can read my post about Ayumi Seto here~
I'm not even sorry for my sorry face.
 Well i guess i learned 1 thing today : If you want to take good selfies, you should go to room that have good lightning
Well, Actually i took this photo on very bright place (Read : Jemuran)
And 1 thing, My skin is not that fair!

 Holy Sh*t, my skin looked so fair here.

I also love bright places because it makes my hair a bit brownish-reddish
(I really want to dye my hair brown but i think my folks wont allow me to)

My Outfits is Checkered dress + Crop tee.

Inspired from this :

Some of photos that i show to you guys like :

 When i see the result of my photos i'm here all like...
 'holy cow, my skin so fair here'
'oh god, what if my friends sees these, they won't believe it lol (just like me)'

Well here, me in natural light room :

 And me without those make-ups :

Yeah, Like i said before.
Lighting is very important for a good selfies.


  1. You are absolutely right about light! The last pic is so muuuch better than the previous one :))

    I follow you. Maybe follow back? ; *

  2. Gak ada Cantik cantiknya lo mah Fa kwkwk