Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gluing things to a book

i really love gluing cute things into a book, gluing photos and drawing on it
i really love scrapbooking!

Even tho i usually procrastinate it until it 'due tomorrow', i usually work my scrapbook 2/3 day before it due. lol

And this is my first experiment of gluing things into a book.
I remake my childhood photo and the result was not so bad so why not feel a bit more grateful:)?

 I've made 3 scrapbook so far.
And um here's some of my handmade scrapbook!

This was for my friend's anniversary..
Ironically it's a forever alone person (read : me) who make this scrapbook...;_;
It's still soooo awful! I made the book from cardboard...and then cover it with calendar paper...
But people say failure is a way to success!
But i can't say this is a failure. It's a quite success for a noob like me imo.

My friend ica helped to glue this pop-up card!!<3
My friend said this is the best page in the scrapbook.
 I actually have 1month to do this scrapbook, but, well,
I finished this on the day it's due!
I managed to finish it really fast because my brain works more effective when i being rushed!
Unique, right?
I bring all of my scrapbooking supplies to school and finish it on school.

not so messy!


The second scrapbook is for my friend anniversary (again;_;)
Do you know how hurtful is it gluing photo of lovey-dovey couple when you even don't have boyfriend?! i'm forever alone, huhu;_;

I finished this 2 days before it's due!
I'm such a pro procrastinator i think!
Well procrastinating 1 or 2 things won't court catastrophe, right?

And, behind every success there's always a place for failure!
This time failure : The book (AGAIN!?)
The book is not ring binder-type of book!
so it's exploded (kinda bulging out)><

And here's a snap from my workspace.
This time is really really messy!
But i managed to tidy it up ><!!


I inspired by some artists on tumblr that use envelope art..
They draw on envelope, stick things on envelope and make it's real cute..
But this is the best i can do (my energy drained lol)


And the latest one, it's for my bestfriend's birthday!
It's dedicated to Uti!><

This time i finished it 2 days before it due! lol!
But i only have 1 week so i think i don't postpone things this time.
It just my printer broke down so it slowed down my work!><

The book is OK, it's ring binder-ed...OK....and what's the failure now?
IT'S UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think i must be Failure's bestest friend...
I make the book from a drawing book, so i forget to rotate the page every 1 page...

But it's ok, next time i work on my scrapbook again, i won't fail anymore!


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  2. Hello Pchan. Keep making scrapbook! These looks sooo cute!!