Saturday, July 16, 2016

dazed and confused

 I'm gonna continue my diary in Bengkulu^^
so at the day 2, or the last day, we went to Sungai Suci (Holy River)
(((wtf it's not even a river it's a beach...???)))

The place is so cool omg<3 probably gonna list this as my fav place in Bengkulu!
There's a bridge connecting the mini-rocks island...I should've took my outfit pics there..But there were my cousins and there's so many people passing...I don't want to disturb them...;_;
The place is a rock island made by sea abrasion! Kinda reminds me of tanah lot in Bali

Monday, July 11, 2016


Hi! just got back from my getaway trip to my village and to Bengkulu!
It waaaas so fun, I miss Bengkulu already:( the beaches there are so pretty... omg
What I hate about it was the long car ride tho lol, I can't stand long car ride...:(

I only stayed for 2 days there, and we spent each days by going to beaches!
2 years ago, I didn't get why people come to beaches...
when beaches is...the same all around the world?
I was wrong. beaches make me feel so refreshed...

pic that i took when we took a lunch at the seaside! it was so beautiful!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

sick love

hello everyone^^! i'm trying to post and be more colorful~~
and... also, trying to be more positive in life!
(it's hard. i admit it)
I'm actually in the middle of mood rollercoaster... I tend to get sad or angry really easy ughhh!!!11111 i can't control my own emotion!! it's!!so!!hard!!
so I'm confused what color to dye on my hair next...
Number 1 would be blue...but I want a dark blue. I noticed that I don't really like brown hair like this. there's time that I'm going all 'OMGGGGgg i fucking love my brown hair'
but there's days like 'ergh. hair. why.'
but I actually want to dye my hair red....UUUUGGGGGHHH IT'S SO HARD.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

the getaway

HEEEELLLOOOO!!^^ long time no see eeee?!
well, I just got super busy (hanging out pointlessly and going to sewing class^^) 
and become hesitant to ask my sis to take my pics, so
I keep procrastinate until one month lmao
so, as I said before, I got super busy, I'm currently taking sewing class! 
I'm in the process of making a pleated skirt, of course, pleated skirt = tartan!
can't wait to wear clothes that is sewn by myself^^

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

here comes the ice cream man

hi hi hi hi!!! 
when i'm writing this post, i'm literally burning to death bc my ac was off because there's blackout;( (weekly tradition in lampung, eeeeugh) but i insisted to publish this blogpost tonight!!!! sooo yea

well, this week, i've done nothing but waking up at 11am and trying to drive a car, when there's my friends inside, they would scream all the time. too close to road divider, too slow, too fast, too slow when turning, meh-_- it's dam complicated....and confusing