Friday, April 28, 2017

cure for the itch

hiiiiya your local girl that wears band tee way too much is back!^q^
this holiday is so fun bc i spent my a lot of my time for me, myself, and i!
(((having less friends is a nice thing, guys)))

Sunday, April 23, 2017

she's only 18

HEEEy!!!! me is back!! welcome to me purple swamp
longgggg time since my last post rite:") 
well, i just finished my 2nd term of collegeyYEYEYyeyeyYEY
gimme award pls

since i dont really enjoy talking about my college life
 (NOO!!it's great the poeple are so nice and super cool and supportive i luv me COLLEGE frends)
 but im becoming really tired everytime thinking about college 
because thEY ONLy give me 2 weeks of holiday smh

but it all ok! me is able to enjoi me life!^_^

Monday, December 26, 2016

fortune faded

It's been a long 4 months since the last time I wrote a serious blogpost:")

My first term in fashion design was....very busy.
I don't have time to be lazy, assignments keep pilling up and up...
 (and i failed drawing class already i crie)
(((i hate drawing subject ugh)))

and finally!! i got 2 weeks holiday:-) 
(public uni have like, 2months holiday and here i am regretting not applying for public uni)

But it's all ok:-) i'm gonna survive and stay sane for the next 2 years.

Finally I touched my camera:-) i really miss documenting what outfit i am wearing:-) my outfit game was super strong tho in college:-) (but i think i've been going to college without showering myself like...3-4 times this term lmao)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Dying my hair red like Miki Berenyi!

i don't have any camera anymore:(
(((my camera is left in my house i cri)))

so I want to share with you guys, I dyed my hair my dream color!
Just like Miki Berenyi, John Frusciante, and Gerard Way<3
(and other rockstars who dyed their hair red)


bye dull green hair!


it's my first time getting bleached full head...and i'm so fucking anxious..

I ACTUALLY LOOKING GOOD IN BLONDE HAIR??? btw, my hair just got bleached 1 time!'s so fucking dry;_;

tadah! I'm dying my hair red with orange on the tips~
I actually only want to dye my hair red but I think i might look like the traffic light, so I decided to tell the hairstylist to add some orange~


the stylist let me sit my ass down for 45-1 hour..

I hate sitting lonely in public place lol 



when I see the mirror for the first time i was like 'oh god now how the heck do i suppose to walk to campus tomorrow people gonna stare at me UGH' but then again 'well why the heck do i spend $$$ other than being stared to lol'

But finally! I feel like miki berenyi!:")

Bonus some hair inspiration photos~


See ya!
I'm planning on dying my hair like Flea next time, or Pink? I don't know!
but I heard dying blue hair can be a disaster...:)
so???? maybe...??

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Life in Pictures : August!

HI! I've been really busy since college just started
(and I already got 5 homeworks, FUCKING NICE<3)
What I learnt from my first 2 day of being design student is : it's fucking hard and you need to be fucking serious...ok..
(sorry for a lot of swearing BUT !!!!i can't help it)

Now, I'm living by my own in a smol rented-room (Or, kost) in Jakarta...
Y'know..I used to really waste food or waste my money on un-important things...but now, demn, i really regret i've ever did those things bc : 1. food is not cheap (esp. when u r a picky eater like me) is. not. cheap.
3. if you're still able to eat a lot of things in your house, don't waste it ok. 

so yea! here we go! my life in pics in August!

August 1 : Sending my Snail Mail!

so I got a penpal from US, I sent her a snail mail^^ I learnt shipping fee is a huge fuck-you to expensive...I can't ;_;